Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shopping Day

Today was my friend Kim's last day off with our lovely holiday discount on merchandise before it returns to normal so we went on a great shopping adventure our to Cast Connection (a cast member only discount store just behind the Magic Kingdom) and then out to Downtown Disney to check out the huge World of Disney and the other shopping opportunities. (They took away Pooh's Thotful Spot, booo.) While it was an adventure navigating the bus system, we definitely had a great time exploring and spending a little money .

Then, when I got home, me and Erika decided to decorate our apartment by coloring the coloring books we had bought on a whim earlier and then hanging them around. We listened to Disney music, talked and laughed way too much - but it was a great evening with a lovely roommate.

In the end, even though I didn't go to a Park, it was a great day off. I managed to score some fantastic deals at all of our shopping destinations, which made the adventure even more fun. Tomorrow, I'll be heading over to Epcot with my friends Genae and Erica, which will be lots of fun, I'm sure!

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