Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eating Around the World

Today, my friends Erica, Genae and I headed out early to Epcot to check out Future World and World Showcase. Erica had class at 1:30, so she had to leave at noon, but before she left we managed to ride Soarin, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Turtle Talk with Crush and even check out part of Innoventions! It was a lot of fun, since these are some of my favorite things to do at Epcot.

After Erica had to leave, Genae and I started in Canada and went counterclockwise around World Showcase since we always seem to go clockwise and begin in Mexico. Unintentionally, we started a great endevor to "eat around the world', but in reality, we only ate in four countries - France, Morocco, Germany and Italy. It was a lot of fun to explore World Showcase since I hadn't taken the time to do so more slowly before. I always seem to be rushing from place to place, which is a shame because there is so much to discover here! We even decided to let out our inner three year olds and go around the world collecitng stamps at the Kidcot Fun Stops, which turned out to be more fun than it sounds!

We left the park as it started to get dark because Genae was meeting some roommates for dinner and a movie and I discovered I had some leftover school stuff to handle. In the end, it was a great two days off. Tomorrow, I don't work until 5:30 - so who knows what my day will bring! (Probably a lot of laundry...)

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