Friday, February 17, 2012

A Peter Pan-ical Day

Today, since Erika had off and I didn't work until 7:15, we went to the Magic Kingdom at park open to ride attractions, meet characters and have a "roommate day". We even got "We're Celebrating" buttons to commemorate it! We spent the day exploring the lands, riding attractions and eating some fantastic food. But the most exciting thing of all was when we were leaving Adventureland to watch the Move It Shake It Celebrate It Street Party and Dream Along with Mickey.

I met Peter Pan.

I think that needs to be stated again in my excitement level -- I MET PETER PAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, a few things you should know about this beyond exciting moment. First - I LOVE Peter Pan. He is THE best. Second - He rarely does meet and greets, and when he does, they are never posted and very random.

So, off course, whenever I am in the Magic Kingdom, my Peter Pan sensors are on high and I'm trying to spot him the entire visit. Well, when we were leaving Adventureland Erika and I almost stopped for a Dole Whip but then decided to wait. Thank Goodness! So, I see a line of people waiting and I'm like, hmmm, I wonder who is doing a meet and greet over here in Adventureland - probably Aladdin or someone. But, I then spot the telltale green shirt and I FREAK OUT.

I'm not kidding, I shriek, hit Erika on the shoulder and go on to bounce up and down like a three year old. Of course, I make her stand in line with me and I am beyond exciting. I was probably more excited than all of the kids in the line. So the line makes it's way up to Peter Pan and next its my turn and he turns to me and I go speechless.

I'm just standing there, mouth gaping, because Peter Pan is talking to me. I can barely stutter out two words. So he's talking and my roommate is kind of talking for me because I'm just standing there in shock nodding with this huge smile on my face and I manage to utter about three sentences in his presence. But, we take our photo and he gives me a hug and it was amazing.


Actually, words cannot describe how amazing this was.

After meeting Peter Pan (!!!!), we got rained out for Dream Along With Mickey, watched the Move It Shake It Celebrate It Street Party, met the boss (that's Mickey Mouse!!) and then watched the second Dream Along With Mickey - where Peter Pan recognized me and Erika and pointed/waved. Yeah, no big deal. (Just Kidding - of course I shrieked like a three year old)

Then, we got a snack and sat down for the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade - where Ariel and I bonded over having red hair and Peter Pan blew me a kiss.

Yes, he blew me a kiss.


After the parade, we rode a few more attractions - including Jungle Cruise and It's a Small World - but since it was rainy on and off all day, Erika decided to call it a night pretty early and I went down to base to change and get ready for my shift.

As for work - well, it was pretty much the same as it had been all week. I was in East, which meant I was stuck at Tomorrowland Bridge and Partner's Right for the whole night - not bad, but not the most exciting thing in the world. I can't wait to be character trained so I can capture character meet-and-greets.

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