Saturday, February 4, 2012

Second Days run a Little More Smoothly

Today ran much more smoothly than yesterday - no equipment broke down and I only got lost about a half dozen times! I still don't understand backstage, but since I was dressed in the "global" costume for Photopass, I could go onstage anywhere and then find where I was supposed to be. It was definitely a handy feature.

Today I was scheduled as Magic Kingdom East, which meant I took pictures of the castle from the Tomorrowland Bridge and in front of the Partners statue. I also got to rove around Tomorrowland and take candid photos for the "Magic, Memories and You" show on the castle. It was busy today at the Magic Kingdom, but since I was on a tripod, my line moved quickly because my shot was already set up. I got to talk to guests from all over the world and I helped out in my very first "magical moment" today, too!

After work, I took the bus back to my apartment and change, dropping off my work clothes, and then I went back to the Magic Kingdom to meet up with my friends Molly, Erica, and Genae to watch Dream Along with Mickey, The Magic, the Memories and You, and Wishes. We also met a ton of characters, including Tinkerbell and Valeria, Tiana and Naveen, Mickey and Minnie, Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White.

In the end, it was a great day! Much smoother than yesterday, so things can only go up from here!

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