Saturday, February 11, 2012

Long Rainy Nights

Tonight was the first time I've gotten rained out at work. The drizzle held off for the beginning of my shift, but shortly after I returned from break, it started to pour. This means going to a rain location with other photographers to direct guests and wait out the rain. Since I had both my rain gear and my jacket, it wasn't uncomfortable for the most part - just a little monotonous, since I wasn't taking pictures and was mostly just waving to guests and wishing them a good night.

Before the downpour, I was on Tomorrowland Bridge for a few hours before lunch - which is one of my favorite spots in East, and my second spot to watch Wishes from, and then after lunch, I was on Fantasyland Bridge, which was pretty quiet since the majority of guests were on Main Street watching the Magic, Memories and You. It's an interesting view of the castle, but not my favorite position since it's tucked away and doesn't get much guest access.

After getting rained out though (I was under the overhang in my rain location for over two hours), and singing Disney songs to myself for the last half hour since there were NO guests to be seen, I got off of work at midnight and then had to wait almost an hour to catch a bus and come back to my apartment. The lines to get on busses at the end of the night are insane - since only three busses run an hour and there are more than three hundred people getting off at the same time, it creates quite a wait and makes getting home an adventure.

However, now I'm home and off to bed - I don't work until 4 today so I've got some time off to do schoolwork and errands.

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