Monday, February 6, 2012

Night and View Training

Today, I had my Night and View training with two other CP's - Tammy and Connie. It was nice to be training with someone else finally! Night training was extremely easy - it is just like shooting during the day, only with different settings for both dusk and night. And, unlike during the day, every camera is on a tripod at night and we can't add pixie dust and make magic shots during the evening hours. Pretty simple, right? It really was just as easy as it sounds.

View training refers to "the View", which is inside the Town Square theater near the entrance/exit to the park. It is where guests can go look at their pictures and make purchases. This training was a little more intensive - there is a ton to remember, and it seems a little more stressful. It is the only position that I need to talk about prices and money with guests, which is nice to know, but makes the spot a little more stressful. It is also the place guests go if they lose their card or can't find their photos - we have to locate the missing photos for them, which can be a pain! The View offers a lot of guest interaction, which is great, so I'm sure I'll like working here even with the stress of finding lost photos, talking money and customizing photos and packages with every guest.

Since we finished our Night and View training early, we got to watch the Magic Memories and You AND Wishes tonight. I love both of these shows -- I can't believe that I get to watch them every night I work! I am so lucky. Now, I am one step closer to being fully trained - the last thing is being character trained, which means being trained to shoot the character-guest meet and greets. That should be coming up next week!

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