Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Done with Training (For Now!)

Today, I had my Day 4 training with Photopass, which is my last day of training until I get trained to shoot night photos later in my program. It was a pretty simple day, consisting of learning how to take "magic" photos in the morning - which are photos with an extra bit of pixie dust that I now know how to arrange and take correctly. Then, after some practice shots of my trainer, I was out in the Magic Kingdom practicing in a location close to the castle.

Soon, it was time for our Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it! street party, which I got to shoot for the first time. It was so much to run around the central plaza with all the characters and guests dancing and take candid photos that Mom and Dad might be missing. I even took one that was excellent enough to get a star and have a shot of being projected on the castle near the end of the night!

Then, it was lunch time and back out the park to take photos of guests in two spots - Tomorrowland Bridge and First Aid. It took some practice, but I've finally managed to make the magic shots work! Before I knew it, my shift was over and it was time to clock out. A long day of walking and standing, but it was a great day -- I can honestly say that I love my job.

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