Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Night on Main Street and Valentine's Day

Last night, I was on Main Street the wholeee night, which was fabulous! I love the energy of Main Street, especially at night. It's beautiful! I also spent a good amount of the time in the View, which is where guests can go to look the photos they've taken throughout their vacation. I love being in the View because it is more interactive and I got to talk more with guests, and during down times, I got to know my coworkers a little better, which is always nice.

Tonight, which was Valentine's Day(!!), I had a College Program meeting for the first part of the night but then I was back in East, at Partners Right, Tomorrowland Bridge and the Rose Garden. I got to take photos of a lot of adorable couples today, met some of the cutest kids e.v.e.r. and even had a proposal reenactment from a proposal that had occured earlier that day. Love was definitely in the air at the Magic Kingdom.

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