Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Housing Sessions and Apartment Tours (I'm in Orlando, Part II)

Day Two of my Disney College Program experience started early, but not as early as the day before!

I was awake at 8am so I could eat breakfast and get ready for my housing session at 10am. Since there was no dress code for the housing session, I got to wear a sundress and sandals since it was supposed to be a high of EIGHTY degrees today. (Jealous? I know I would be!!) I then got all my paperwork organized for Day Two and started the walk over to the housing session, which was held in The Commons Clubhouse. The Commons is a housing complex about a ten minute walk from Chatham Square that houses students who are participating in the International program, since their program lasts for a year or more instead of a semester. It's a lovely walk with lots of palm trees and pretty views, and only took about fifteen minutes for me to find where I needed to go.

One of the things that is different here than at Mizzou is that I need my housing ID on me at all times. I am constantly being asked for it - I need to show it when entering any complex, I need it to check in for welcome sessions, and it is my "key" to checking out supplies like vacuums and brooms from the main building.

Since I left about a half an hour in advance to give myself enough time to find the session, I had a few minutes before it began...and the session ended up starting late due to technical difficulties! I met some very interesting people in line from all over the country and it is nice to be surrounded by people who love Disney as much as I do! Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful so far.

The housing session took a little more than an hour and a half and walked through all the rules and regulations regarding housing, what is and isn't allowed in the appartments, what housing events to expect, what comes after this program and lots of other useful information. It was extremely intense, but it also was very informative. The session ended with a heads up on what housing events are coming up and it made me extremely excited for the semester ahead!

After my housing session, I had the rest of the day off, so I met Mom at my apartment complex so we could take a quick trip to Walmart and Publix (the local grocery store chain) before she had to catch her flight back home. I picked up the rest of the necessities that I had missed the day before, and now have a fully stocked freezer, fridge and cabinet ready for the semester ahead.

We stopped at Subway for a quick lunch to bring back to my apartment and then went back to Chatham to unpack the rest of my groceries and spend a little more time together before she had to leave for the airport. Erika and her dad were heading out just as we were coming back, so Mom and I had some time alone to say goodbye and such. After she went to the airport, I had some time alone to unpack all of my clothes and the rest of what I had brought down and organize it all. I also got everything I need organized and have done a few loads of dishes to make sure everything in our kitchen is clean, since its cleanliness was a bit debatable.

Which, leads us to right now - I've had a chance now to update you all on what's going on with this blog!

The next few days are looking to be crazy - tomorrow I will be going through Traditions, which is company-wide orientation for all Disney cast members at 2pm, which means catching a bus at 12:45 and leaving for the bus stop around 12:25. This is when I will learn more about the Disney company, will get my official Disney nametag and will get my FREE admissions to the park, all day every day!

Then, Thursday will be my first day training for Photopass. My shift starts at 8:30am and goes until 5pm, and from there I will get the rest of my training schedule. It sounds incredibly intense, wish me luck!

It's been an extremely magical few days so far, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the semester brings.

(Oh, and as promised! Here's a quick apartment tour!)

The entrance area to my apartment! There's a desk right to the left.

My kitchen! Complete with dishwasher, fridge, stove, oven and microwave...and tons of cabinet and pantry space!

The dining room...and my office right now.

The living room, which has veryyy comfy couches!

The bedroom! Mine is the bed with the flower bedspread.

Why yes, that is a walk in closet!!

The dresser in the bedroom, my laundry hamper...and all my books stacked!
The bathroom

and lastly, the porch!!
Pretty fab, right?!

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