Friday, January 27, 2012

Early mornings and Even Earlier Ones.

Today was another early morning here in Orlando - my day started at 5am...yes, that is FIVE IN THE MORNING. (Which is 4am if you're reading this from Wisconsin, which I'm pretty sure you are) After showering and getting dressed in some gym clothes and making sure my hair and makeup were in the Disney Look, I ate breakfast and grabbed my lunch from the fridge while heading out the door, ID and shoes from yesterday in hand. I caught the 6am bus from my apartment to the Animal Kingdom Wardrobe building - which has been my shortest commute so far, about 20 minutes. As I got off the bus at costuming, I found out that I had been misinformed and that it didn't open until 7am... which meant, I had 40 minutes to kill and it was starting to rain.
Just my luck.

Luckily, the door was unlocked so I managed to slip inside out of the rain to wait for the department to open. I'm glad I always keep a book in my bag, because otherwise I would have been so bored! Soon, 7am rolled around and I was ushered into costuming, where I picked up my costume for Disney Photopass - blue pants/shorts, white top, khaki vest. There also is a jacket, rain gear and hat included. I soon learned that Disney sizes run about 2-3 sizes smaller than average sizing - and every piece varies in size, even if they all say "M". This extended the process since I had to try every single piece on... which had meant I didn't get out of costuming until around 8:15.

After checking out my costumes, I changed into my first one and consulted wardrobe about my shoes. Thank goodness I decided to buy the men's shoes, because those are the ones that fit within the Disney Look! After snapping some pictures (Aren't I so cute in those high-waisted pants?), it was back out to the lobby to wait for my trainer to pick me up. After she arrived, I punched in and we drove over to the orientation building.

Because of some changes in scheduling, it ended up being only me in Photopass training today. Since it was unexpected one-on-one training, it was more individualized and engaging and I feel like I learned much more through this process. Training was from 9am until 5:30, with a few short breaks and one lunch - and it was all about my role and how to perform my job, instead of general orientation like Traditions and Welcome to Entertainment!

I got to learn about the cameras I would be using, the processes I needed to learn and become familiar with and other important information about my role. It was extremely interesting and exciting to learn the processes and procedures for exactly what I'll be doing for the next four months. I'm definitely in the right department - there is enough of a team atmosphere that I can get help when I need it, but it is individual enough that I will not be restricted or get bored easily. I have a lot of freedom with this role, which will allow me to make lots of magic and memories for guests - which is soooo exciting!

I even got to test out the camera style I would be using during the role, and try out the processes and methods I learned about. This kind of hands-on learning definitely cemented my learning, so I feel like the next time I get that camera in my hands, it will all (for the most part) come back to me! The day went extremely fast, I barely even looked at my watch...which tells me that this is the right place for me to be.

Tomorrow, I get to sleep in until 6am. SIX IN THE MORNING!! I never thought that I would put the phrases "sleep in" and "6am" in a sentence together, but that just says something about how out of wack my schedule is. I have training from 8:30 am until 5:30pm - and I'll actually be in a park, practicing taking shots for a good portion of the time, which is extremely exciting. After work, I'll head back to my apartment to change, but then it's off to Magic Kingdom with my roommate since it's open to midnight!

It'll be another long one, but definitely worth it... and then I have Sunday and Monday off!

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