Thursday, May 3, 2012

Magic Kingdom "Character Hunting"

Today (or, I suppose it's technically yesterday, since its nearly one in the morning), I had quite possibly the most productive character hunting day ever. Since I woke up for some reason at five in the morning and couldn't fall back asleep, I was ready to go at 7:30am to catch my bus to make it to the MK to watch the opening show (which was also on my bucket list...score!).

After the welcome show, I met Pluto and Daisy with minimum waits in the Town Square courtyard.

Then I headed to Adventureland to meet Aladdin and Jasmine (I was first in line!)

and Ariel and Eric (I was third).

After my adventures over in Adventureland, I went to Fantasyland to see the Fairy Godmother (unfortunately, I didn't snap a photo with her) and Lady Tremaine, Drizella and Anastasia (you know them as the Evil Stepmother and Ugly Stepsisters from Cinderella).

Then, it was back to Main Street to meet up with my favorite nanny, Mary Poppins.

After learning how to be practically perfect in every way, I made my way over to Tomorrowland to see Buzz Lightyear (who was a total gentleman)

and Chip and Dale.

Heading all the way back across the park to Adventureland, I stopped over by the teacups to meet Alice (and unfortunately missed the White Rabbit by three minutes - boo!)

and then went to meet Goofy dressed in his Pirates getup.

After scavenging for gold with Goofy, I was shrunk down to the size of a pixie and met Tinkerbell

and her friend Vidia.

On my way back to Main Street, I ran into my favorite person in Disney World - Peter Pan

and then Snow White, right outside of the theater where I met

Mickey and his sweetheart Minnie

and three princesses - Cinderella


and Aurora (who is tied with Ariel for my favorite princess).

Keeping count? That's Twenty Five Characters in under five hours. Impressed? I know I am.

Then I caught the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade (my favorite parade!), hopped over to Epcot with the intention of meeting more characters (didn't happen, I was a bit worn out at that point so I ended up working on the attractions instead) and then hopped back over to the Magic Kingdom with the intention of meeting Tiana, Naveen and some more fairies. Well, Naveen was working in the restaurant so I decided to pass on Tiana until they were together - so I met Terence (Tinkerbell's bestest friend) instead.

I was going to wait for Rosetta, one of her other fairy friends, but in the end decided to save her for another day and rode a few of my favorite attractions instead - Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan's Flight, the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Snow White's Scary Adventures.

That's Twenty Six characters and Nine attractions - not bad for a day's work.

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