Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Disney: A Bucket List

Unfortunately, my time down here in Orlando on the Disney College Program is quickly coming to an end - I have fifteen days left in the most magical place on Earth! Which means...crunch time. I've gotta get off my butt, stop watching so much Netflix (as much as I adore it) and get out there and do everything I've been meaning to do during my internship but haven't gotten around to.

To keep myself accountable (and make sure I get it all done!), I present to you my Official Disney World Bucket List: 
  • Go "character hunting" in the Magic Kingdom
  • Ride every attraction at Hollywood Studios
  • Enjoy a chocolate mousse in the France pavilion in Epcot (completed: 5/9)
  • Try a Babycakes vegan gluten-free cupcake in Downtown Disney (completed: 5/1)
  • Go "character hunting" in Epcot
  • Explore the Resorts on property
  • Ride every attraction at the Magic Kingdom
  • Watch Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios (completed: 5/10)
  • Enjoy a pumpkin funnel cake in the American pavilion in Epcot
  • Explore the Boardwalk (completed: 4/25)
  • Go "character hunting" in Hollywood Studios
  • Eat at the Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios(completed: 5/3)
  • Ride every attraction at the Animal Kingdom
  • Enjoy a Cream Cheese Pretzel (completed: 5/10)
  • Watch Illuminations at Epcot (completed:5/9)
  • Enjoy something delicious at Ghirardelli in Downtown Disney (completed: 5/7)
  • Go "character hunting" in the Animal Kingdom (completed: 5/9)
  • Ride every attraction at Epcot
  • Enjoy a Mickey Premium Bar (completed: 4/26)
  • Watch the Magic Kingdom Morning Show (completed: 5/2)
This will be an adventure trying to complete it all in the next two weeks, but luckily - I already have a good start. I've completed three things and I am about 3/4 of the way done with six of the items on my list. Today, I went character hunting in the Magic Kingdom (more about that to come) and worked on the attractions at Epcot. I'm only missing six characters in the Magic Kingdom, and then it'll be complete! (Which characters? Woody, Jessie, Rosetta, White Rabbit, Tiana and Naveen)

Tomorrow - I'm thinking character hunting in either Animal Kingdom or Epcot, followed by working on the attractions at Hollywood Studios and watching Fantasmic. I'm setting my alarm for 8am, so hopefully I'll be able to get a good start despite my (terrible) sunburn today. I won't be forgetting sunscreen ever again. 

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