Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Characters in "East"

At the Magic Kingdom, there are three deployments where I can be place to assist guests with photos. The first is West, which is mostly characters, so many locations go down in the evening as they go to sleep for the night. Second is Main Street, which has a combination of characters, castle and the View - definitely the most variety. And last is East, which is mostly castle, but has three characters who have PhotoPass with them during the day.

I've been deployed in East all week, so I haven't had many opportunities to photograph character meet and greets because I mostly work at night. The characters in East - Rapunzel, Buzz Lightyear and Chip & Dale - have outdoor meet and greet locations, so they are only out until the sun goes down. So when I start work at six or seven, I don't have the opportunity to photograph them.

But earlier this week, I started work at three for a few days - which meant I got to work with both Rapunzel and Buzz! It was so much fun and the time flew. Since Rapunzel isn't in a parade like Buzz, so she doesn't have to save her voice, she can talk to the guests - and she is hilarious! The little girls who come see her are ADORABLE. Since Buzz is in the parade, he can't talk to guests because he has to save his voice - but he definitely communicates with them in his own way - and all our guests love it! My favorite is when little boys hug his legs because he's so tall.

Next week, I'm deployed on Main Street all week - which means a LOT of Character opportunities! I'll definitely give you an update with my opinions!

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