Thursday, March 8, 2012

Character Training - I've finally "Earned my Ears"!

Today, I got character trained! It was wonderful and fantastic and everything that I hoped it to be, but I suppose I should start at the beginning.

Character training was at Epcot, somewhere I've never worked before so, of course, I got completely lost trying to figure out where the Photopass base was. It isn't laid out like Magic Kingdom at ALL, so I was very confused. Luckily, a stray Epcot PhotoPass photographer saw my wide eyes and took pity on me, so she showed me around.

Once I made it to base, I had to check out a camera and meet up with the rest of my training group - which was one girl from Hollywood Studios and two photographers from Magic Kingdom - my friends Travis and Mary! That was awesome, it was nice to train with people for once - especially people who I was already friends with!

The first part of the day was pretty basic - lots of slide shows and such. It was the same as the rest of the training, except character oriented. The second part of the day rocked though - we got to try our hand at photographing character meet and greets. Which, at Epcot, meant Daisy and Stitch, followed by Donald when he was hanging out in Mexico, followed by Mulan in China.


Character meet and greets are so fast paced that time just flies. Anddd, it was so much fun! I loved each one, but I think Mulan was my favorite because she talks to guests, and little kids and their interactions with her are hilarious.

After Mulan, it was time to do a photo review and then the day was over... I was done by 5pm, which was so strange coming from the Magic Kingdom!

Now that I've officially earned my ears - Character Training was the last step - I finally got to remove the red ribbon from my name tag! YAY! I'm now officially a fully trained cast member...score!

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